Syria Crisis Continues

by ggonzalez

While Russia and China remain adamantly opposed to intervention in Syria, the crisis has worsened on the ground. The Syrian forces have shelled the restive city of Homs, encouraged by the Russian and Chinese veto to a UN resolution condemning the violence.

Why does Russia remain so opposed to intervention? The Week summarizes the reasons, which includes Russia’s long-standing geopolitical ties to the Assad regime and their sale of military goods to Syria. In addition, Russia (as well as China) has ideological interests in maintaining the idea of national sovereignty.

Russia sent Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Damascus in order to discuss the situation with President Assad. Meanwhile, the US closed its embassy in the capital, and the Gulf Arab states followed in the diplomatic isolation of the country.



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One Response to “Syria Crisis Continues”

  1. tboswell says:

    I read an article that was talking about Iran’s support of Syria. Of course the two are allies, and Iran at first supported Assad’s position in the face of scrutiny. As the revolts get bloodier, Iran is starting to put its support more behind the Syrian rebels. The article was on Aljazeera and was initially about Turkey’s aid in releasing Iranian captives by Syrian rebels.

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