by lkane

Yemen has been a place where many attacks by militants linked to Al-Qaeda have taken place and is a hot spot, “The United States has never formally acknowledged the use of drones against Al-Qaeda in Yemen, considered by Washington to be the most active and deadly branch of the global terror network and a major focus of its “war on terror.” On Saturday there was an air strike in Southern Yemen by a US drone that “The official statement released on the ministry’s website said that the three militants killed were “local Al-Qaeda leaders.”


Ali Adullah Saleh was the ruler of Yemen for 33 years and now the country’s new president, Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi is trying to lessen the former presidents role in the government and country. He “is trying to sack several senior commanders who are related to his predecessor, Ali Abdullah Saleh.” Yet these men do not want to step down and air force troops were protesting against this happening. These protests for Yemen’s Sanaa airport to close, but it reopened on April 8.



The new president of Yemen, Hadi is taking the country in control. He seems “ready to take bold moves in order to eliminate some of the deadlock that Saleh’s friends and family are generating within the unity government.” Hopefully moving Yemen forward


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