Creating New Posts

 1.  To “log in” to the system, find the link on the right side of the page under the heading “Meta.”  Insert your username and password.

2.  Once logged in,  to write a new post click on the “New post” button at the top right of the page.

3.  Give your post a title.

4.  The system automatically archives posts by author, date, and time. In addition, each of us can also archive them by subject category.  Choose one or more “Categories” under which to file your post from the check-box list you see below the posting window in the writing page on the right or toward the bottom.  If you don’t see a category you think should be there, let us know and we will add it.

5.  You can insert hyperlinks, pictures, and video into your post (see the buttons in the tool bar above the drafting box).

-To insert hyperlinks, copy the link, highlight text, click on “link” button, paste link in window, click “Insert.” To insert pictures and media:

  • Click the appropriate button in the  “Add Media” section.
  • Click “Select Files.”
  • Select image or other file from your computer and click “Open.”
  • New window opens in post drafting window with thumbnail of file.
  • Click “File URL.”
  • Click “Insert into Post.”

-Note images can be resized by clicking on them and dragging edges.  What works well for screen shot photos is to click “Large,” position “Center,” then reduce to 60%.

-To insert a YouTube video, copy the URL (link) from the YouTube video, and paste into your post. Do not create a link as you would to link to text material on the internet.  Just paste the URL in your post (click “Paste from Word” button – see below). The system does the rest for you.

-Word files cannot be attached.  Turn them into  .pdf files first and attach them as you would pictures OR use the following method.

  • Select and “Copy” text (CTRL-C).
  • Click on either the “Paste as Plain Text” or “Paste from Word” button in second row of formatting buttons (note: you may have to click on the “Kitchen Sink” button – no kidding, that’s what they call it! – at the end of the top row to make the second row appear).
  • Paste (CTRL-V) the text into the window that appears and click “Insert” at the bottom.”

-To create a link within a comment, copy and paste the following  HTML code within the text of your comment:

<A HREF=”URL”>portion of text you wish to be clickable</A>

Then, insert the web address where it says “URL” (retaining the quotation marks), and lastly insert the clickable text between the >   < marks.

6. Use the spellchecker (ABC) in the tool bar.

7. See how your post will look on the web by clicking the “Preview” button at top right.  A new window opens which you can close when you have finished checking.

8.  When you are ready to post, click the “Publish” button at the top right.  You can continue editing as long as you are logged in – click “Save” to publish any new versions.  Notice that if you are not ready to post but want to save your draft to come back to later, there is a button near the top right for this.

9.  When you are finished, log out (there is a button is at the top right of the writing page or at the same location you found the log in button on the Home page under the heading “Meta”).

10.  Note on the main page of the blog that you will find, among the links on the right hand side, the list of categories and a search engine.

11.  The system is set up so that comments to posts must be approved by “Admin” (a teacher) before they can actually go up on the blog.  Someone will check at least once a day, so, it won’t be long before you’ll see your comments.

12.  Reminder:  to change the way your name appears in the author’s line in your posts, click on the “Your Profile” button at the lower left of the Dashboard page (when you log on) and make your changes in the “Display name publicly as”  box.

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