NMH-PA Posting Partners

NMH – PA Partners

Click on the above link to find your partner  for the semester in the NMH-PA blog partners program (n. b. there is one triple).  Your assignment is to write a substantive response (“Comment”) whenever your partner puts a post up on the blog.  This will mean checking the blog daily to see who has posted.  Of course, we hope you will also feel free to put up a comment any time you wish, not just when your partner has put something up. 

In most cases at least at first, the posts will be news reports.  Follow up questions can make great comments. 


Let me thank you, Ted and Grant, for your continuing colleagueship and for trying this experiment in linking students in similar courses from different schools. I hope that our two groups of students will share interesting commentary and find communicating with each other as satisfying as we have as teachers. I know that I look forward to meeting our NMH partners when I visit next month!

– Peter

Check this page frequently for updates as we feel our way along.

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