Project Topics, Fall, 2011

Discussion of each oral report will begin with a question or comment from the previous presenter on the list (discussion following the first presentation will begin with a question or comment from the last person on the list).


Order of Presentations

Patrick Scott                         The Bedouin

Kelly Goonan                       Islamic Art and Architecture

Judy Choi                               The Sufis

Jooyoung Hur                     Salah al-Din (“Saladin”)

Nate Rehm-Daly                Muslims and Christians in the Early Ottoman Empire

Luke Malone                        Islamist Movements in Turkey

Charlie Burdge                   Haram al-Sharif-Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Bron Loiselle                       Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Ellie Li                                      The Six Day War (1967)

Eli Tirk                                 Iran

Spencer Slishman             Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988

Emma Parro                        Origins and History of Al-Qaeda

Anna Reid                              History of the Hijab

Josh Robinson                    Politics of Oil

Jin Yang                                  Islam and Democracy

Olivia Mobayed                 Education in the Middle East

Kyara Andrade                  Arabic Poets and Poetry



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