Study Guide: Osman


Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Cairo, completed 1857

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Tarek Osman, Egypt on the Brink: From Nasser to Mubarak. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010

1.  For Tuesday, October 11:  Read Chapter 1               Reading Notes are due.

2. For Thursday, October 13: Read Chapter 2              Reading Notes are due.

3. For Friday, October 14: Read Chapter 3                    Reading Notes are due.

4. For Monday, October 17: Read Chapter 4                Reading Notes are due.

    ——-   Tuesday, October 18:   NO CLASS – MOUNTAIN DAY——

5. For Wednesday, October 19: Read Chapter 5          Reading Notes are due.

6. For Thursday, October 20: Read Chapter 6             Reading Notes are due.

      —— Friday, October 20 — No homework in exchange for attendance at Afghanistan lecture, Wed., Oct. 19, 6:45 p.m. in Grandin ——-

7. For Monday, October 24: Read Chapter 7               Reading Notes are due.

8. For Tuesday, October 25:  Read the Conclusion    Reading Notes are due.

9. Due Tuesday, November 1 –  Book Review of Osman.



More on the History of Modern Egypt

Obituaries for Sheikh Sharaawi

Muslim Conquest of Egypt: Fustat

Tulunid Egypt

Fatimid Egypt

Ayyubid Egypt

Mamluk Egypt

Ottoman Egypt


Politics and Economics

Egypt’s recent political history (since 1992)

The Economist, “Light, Dark, and Muddle,” June 25, 2011 — on how Egypt’s economic woes could derail efforts on behalf of democracy.

Daniel Brumberg, “The Path to Democracy in Egypt,”, July 13, 2011

Wendell Steavenson, ”Letter From Cairo: Who Owns the Revolution?,” The New Yorker, Aug. 1, 2011, pp. 38ff.

The Economist, “Egypt and Democracy: Get a Grip, Then Go,” Oct. 8, 2011, and, “The Generals’ Slow and Unsteady March to Democracy, Oct. 8, 2011


Islamist revival figures and movements

Background material on constitutional amendments of 2007 (Osman, 102):  Nathan J. Brown, Michele Dunne, and Amr Hamzawy, ” Egypt’s Controversial Constitutional Amendments,” Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, March 23, 2007

Amr Khaled (Osman, 105):  See David Hardaker,  ”Amr Khaled: Islam’s Billy Graham,” The Independent, Jan. 4, 2006;  Also: Samantha M. Shapiro, “Ministering to the Upwardly Mobile Muslim,” New York Times Sunday Magazine, Apr. 30, 2006

News on Christians in Egypt (Osman, Chp. 5) and elsewhere in the Middle East


Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, Cairo  

Fatimid and Mamluk Architecture, Cairo


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